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Updated: Oct 4, 2019

If you are in need of some motivation to get your linen closet decluttered and organized then keep reading. Recently I went over to my best friend Kesha's house who is expecting her first baby. She was wanting to work on her bathroom linen closet as it had become a pain point in their home. Our goal was to make it more functional and easy to find what they needed all on a $0 budget.


Before the space was not functioning properly for them. All of the medicines were hard to find as they were just thrown in on the shelf. Nothing had a proper home.


The very first thing you need to do is to clear out everything from the space. This is going to be essential as you need to go through everything and make sure you are only putting back what you need. When you are taking everything out it is important to clean the space as well.


Start by sorting everything by likeness so for example put all of your linens together, towels together, medicines etc. Once you have everything into their separate piles then you need to purge.

PRO TIP: Shop your home first when looking for storage bins and baskets. You can even use old shoe boxes.

If you are sorting through medications make sure that you properly dispose of expired medications. Only keep the ones that you know you will use and organize them in bins by type or function. In this photo everything on the left was recycling and the right was expired medications.

The next part that we organized were all of their travel bags. We went through each piece and decided if it was necessary or not. A great tip is to organize the bags within a larger bag to keep them all contained together. Another great tip is to stock a travel bag with your travel toiletries so it is easy to grab when you are packing.

PRO TIP: When folding your bedding place the folded fitted sheet inside the flat sheet to create a package. It will make it easy to pull out a set when needed. You could even take it a step further and place the sheet package inside of the pillow case.


When you are putting things away make sure that everything will have it's own home. Using baskets will help to contain like things together but can also act as drawers to allow for easier access.

We put all of her medicine and first aid items in bins that she already had on hand. Using bins will allow for easier access and they can function as drawers. For her first aid items we used a handle caddy so that it is easy to pull out and bring to where it is needed in their home. We kept all of the bottled medicines in the center bin as that one is harder to pull out.

PRO TIP: File fold wash cloths so they are easy to see what you have available and grab.


The space is so much more functional for their needs. Everything has a home, is easy to find exactly what you are looking for.


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