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$10 Under the Kitchen Sink Challenge

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Is your under the kitchen sink cabinet a dirty mess? Mine needed an overhaul as it was dirty, unorganized and cluttered with trash. I partnered with Maria from Artsy Cupcake to do a $10 under the kitchen sink organizing challenge. We each had $10....yes just $10 to completely overhaul our cabinets.

Check out my video to see exactly how I reworked our kitchen sink cabinet for only $10!!



In order to reorganize you must first clear everything out of the space. It really helps to see what space you have available and to brainstorm new ideas as you are not constrained by how it was previously "organized."


It is important to go through everything and evaluate if the item should stay or go. Create toss, relocate and keep piles.


Before you can start putting everything back in you are going to want to clean your space. I used my Norwex EnviroCloth to clean out my cabinet. It is an amazing microfiber antibacterial cloth and the best part is you just use it with water, no chemicals!! Check out the bottom of this post for more info and a 10% discount (discount expires 10/31/18).


Once your space has been emptied and you have determined what should go back it is time to create your plan and go shopping! Since this was a $10 challenge I headed to one of my favorite stores...the Dollar Tree. They have so many amazing organizing products and if you are on a super tight budget it is a great store to shop.


- CONTACT PAPER: I started by putting down some contact paper. This really helps brighten up the space as well as help keep spills off the wood. Below are the different products I picked up.

- DISH SOAP CONTAINER: The container makes it super easy for my husband or I to get out a tablet for the dishes. It is also a clear container so we can see exactly what is inside.

- NORWEX CLOTH BIN: Keeping all of my kitchen Norwex clothes in a central location will keep it easy to find what we need. I also file folded the clothes for easier access instead of stacking them on top of each other.

- DIVIDED CADDIE: This caddie is a great solution to be able to section off different items. It has 3 sections so I can keep my brushes in one, the sponge heads in another and my gloves and drain stoppers in another. These caddies are also great for other uses, I have seen them used as a fast food holder for the car, to hold art supplies and I personally use this in my cleaning closet so I can easily carry around my supplies.

- LAZY SUSAN: I needed a solution for some extra products but knew I had to work around the cabinet bar. I did a simple DIY using two pie pans from the Dollar Tree and then a bag of marbles. All you do is add the marbles into one pan and then place the other pan on top and you have an instant lazy susan for only $3!! The lazy susan allows for easier access in tough to reach spaces.

- BINS AS DRAWERS: I utilized bins as drawers in many areas of our home. It makes it easy to reach items in the back by just pulling the bin forward. Using bins also helps to contain potential spills and keeps your cabinet clean.

- ORGANIZE PRODUCTS BY TYPE: By doing this it is easy to find what you need as you will know all of your sponges are together or your cleaning cloths.

- USE A COHESIVE COLOR: Using one color helps to keep the space looking clean and organized. Having a fun pop of color brings a sense of personality to the space as well.


Don't forget to go check out how Maria from Artsy Cupcake redid her cabinet!!


Norwex Envirocloth

Are you looking for a chemical free cleaning solution? I have been using Norwex products for years and absolutely love them!! In this video you see me using the EnviroCloth, this cloth is amazing. The superior-quality-test microfiber combines with their unique BackLock antibacterial agent to create a multipurpose cloth that can be used wet or dry to clean everything!!

It is so simple to use! Use dry to attract dust and dirt particles, and wet to wipe away dirt and debris from all washable surfaces using only water!



To get the discount you must email Audrey to place your order at and don’t forget to mention organize to save for the discount!

My subscribers will get a 10% discount on their orders through October 31, 2018.


payment: visa or mastercard


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