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Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Kitchen's can become so messy so quickly. As the heart of the home our kitchen's seem to collect clutter and don't even get me started on the amount of dishes. In this post I'm going to walk you through a nap time kitchen reset. This is the typical routine I do each day either during nap time or right after I drop off my daughter at school. Come with me and I get my kitchen whipped back into shape.


The first things that I do is to get me in the mood to clean. I am not one who naturally loves to clean so I need some extra motivation. We recently got an Echo Dot and I have loved it! I use it to play music throughout the day, set timers, check the weather, add to my shopping lists etc.

After I have my music going I like to set up my Young Living essential oil diffuser. Using the diffuser it really helps to calm me down and get me going. I just put a few drops of my favorite oils and then add water.


To keep me going and keep me motivated as a proclaimed coffeeholic I like to brew some coffee before I start cleaning. If you need some extra fuel to keep you going brew your favorite blend or if coffee isn't your jam grab a cup of tea or even just a cold glass of water to keep you hydrated and going.

My new favorite thing is to use a coffee frother. It allows me to make Starbucks inspired fancy coffee's at home! If you are looking for a way to curb your coffee shop addiction check out this frother!

TACKLE THE BIGGEST PROJECT FIRST: The key to getting things done is to tackle your biggest project first. Once you get that done everything else is going to feel so minimal and you will be able to get it done in a snap. In my case with our kitchen it was to do the dishes. I first unloaded the clean dishes then loaded up the dirty. At this point I also tackled the hand wash dishes.


Now this one is not one that I do everyday but if I have extra time I love to deep clean my sink. It really helps my kitchen feel so much cleaner. I like to use baking soda and vinegar for this.

1. Sprinkle baking soda in the sink.

2. Using a Dollar Tree spray bottle mist the vinegar into the sink over the baking soda and let it sit. The vinegar and baking soda will react and start to bubble.

3. Use a designated scrubbing brush to brush down your sink.

4. Rinse it all out with water.


Once all of the dishes have been done you can clean your counters. This is going to be essential in order to have a clean space to prepare your meals throughout the day. My favorite thing to use to clean the counters is my Norwex kitchen cloth. If you haven't heard of Norwex before you should check them out! They are a no-chemical cleaning products company. I love how I can clean the counters using just water and the cloth and know that the space is clean but also safe for our family.


Next it is time to tackle the clutter. I'm sure that we all have that one spot in our house that just seems to attract clutter. Our kitchen island is that spot, it collects paperwork, clothes, tech, you name it! During this kitchen reset we just want to focus on clearing the clutter, now that does not meal we are going to jump into another organizing project! I want you to stay focused and on task.

Put all of the big items away and then if you have paperwork just put it in a stack for now and come back to it later. If you try to tackle it now you are going to go down the organizing rabbit hole and never finish your kitchen reset.


The last thing that I like to do is to tackle the floors. With having a messy toddler our kitchen floors seem to always have meal crumbs. I love using our Shark robot vacuum to do a quick sweep of the floors. I highly recommend this one if you have been in the market. It transitions from hard wood floors to super think carpet with no problem. It has become my new cleaning BFF!

Alright guys now it is your turn to get your cleaning on and get those kitchen's reset!! Let me know in the comments what your favorite cleaning motivator is!


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