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Kids Kitchen Cabinet

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Do you struggle with all of the kids stuff in the kitchen? Do you feel like you are constantly being told "I need a cup" or "I'm hungry, I want a snack!" Well I have a great solution to help organize all of the kid stuff in the kitchen all while creating an opportunity for independence for your kids. Check out how I recently transformed one of our lower kitchen cupboards into a kids cabinet!


Before I moved things around I was using one of the upper cabinets in our kitchen. This worked out pretty good to house all of her plates and cups etc. but it did not allow space to store snacks nor was my daughter able to reach it. Now when she was a baby that was fine as obviously we were getting everything for her, but now that she is a toddler my husband and I have been trying to find ways were she can become more independent and do a few more things on her own.


Right off the bat you can see that everything is clearly visible and easy to reach. I really wanted my daughter to be able to get her own plate or cup out for dinner time as well as get access to snacks when it is snack time.


I was trying to maximize the space that I had in this cupboard and what better way to do this than by utilizing the doors. I placed command hooks on each side of the doors inside and hooked bibs on one and little baskets for silverware and cup lids and straws. This works out great and is super easy for my daughter to get her own stuff out as well as help putting some of her dishes away after they have been washed.


I used a simple plastic basket from the dollar tree to contain all of her plates and bowls. I great way to keep the dinnerware organized is to minimize how many sets you have. As you will see I only have one kind of bowls and two kinds of plates. This helps keep everything organized and it fits so much nicer in the basket instead of having multiple styles that are all different shapes and sizes.


It seems like we have a never ending supply of sippy cups. I wanted to create an easy solution to minimize the sippy cup mess. I found this slider drawer from Walmart and it works great for all of our cups! I store the sippy cups and regular cups vertically, with them being contained in a drawer they are less likely to fall over and it is easy to reach even the ones in the very back.


We all have so many snacks and a lot of the time it is hard to keep them all organized. What I have found helpful is to take the snacks out of the packaging they came in and put them into a clear container. I have had great luck using these clear cereal containers. It makes it so much easier for my daughter to see what is available rather than trying to figure out what is inside the bag or box. It is also so much easier to dispense the snacks rather than trying to pour them out of the bag.


I also have a section divider that I store our preportioned more on the go snacks in. I recently picked up this container at ALDI, I love how it is clear and has the three divided sections. We typically have the apple sauce pouches, raisins, prunes and just recently some little trail mix containers. I got these containers from the Dollar Tree and have been experimenting with having trail mix and banana chips available...they have been a huge hit!!


Behind the snacks on the top shelf I have two baskets that I'm using for overflow snacks as well as snacks that I don't want my daughter to have access to all of the time like fruit snacks. I will use the overflow to restock our snack cupboard throughout the week or when I do Sunday prep to get all set for the week.

It has been amazing to see how my daughter has gained so much independence and loves being able to pick out her own plate or cup. I hope you gained a few tips that you can implement into your kitchen!

If you haven't already check out my video below that walks you completely through this cabinet.


3 Compartment Snack Container (similar to what I got)


031_04012019 web.jpg

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